ARC Pty Ltd is a proudly Australian-owned business specializing in the distribution of recycled cleaning cloths, cleaning rags, wiper rags, second-hand clothing, Our commitment extends to serving both commercial and retail markets, providing a versatile range of quantities and volumes to meet diverse business requirements.

At ARC, we uphold robust business ethics grounded in honesty and integrity. Our core mission revolves around minimizing landfill and waste by recycling cloths and rags. Additionally, we contribute to sustainability by distributing tons of second-hand clothing to communities across Australia and internationally.

For your convenience, our cleaning cloths, cleaning rags, and wiper rags are thoughtfully pre-packaged in 10kg compressed bags. Regardless of the scale of your needs, we have a tailored solution to accommodate you.

Benefiting from an extensive network and years of industry success, ARC has emerged as a trailblazer in both the Australian and international markets. We boast unparalleled distribution capabilities, regularly shipping container loads of stock worldwide. Our reputation is built on consistently delivering high-quality products promptly and efficiently.

Nationwide, we provide delivery services to major metropolitan areas, including Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide, Perth, and Brisbane, as well as regional locations across Australia. Our diverse customer base ranges from local businesses to nationwide chain stores, retail outlets, and international aid organizations.

At ARC, we stand firm on offering unbeatable prices and maintaining a high standard of customer service for every client. Whether you’re a local business or an international organization, your business is valued.

Contact us today at +61430055786 or leave a message via the Enquiry Form on our Contact Us page. Our friendly sales team will be delighted to discuss your specific needs and provide further information.

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